Nat King Cole - Christmas Gift Collection (1993)

Album details

Label:     Ref#: misc-0004
Date: 1993   Category: misc
Length: 29:47    
Format: CD    
Audio: Stereo    
Genre: Christmas    


A Family Christmas Songs and music for the festive season After the presents are wrapped, the meal is prepared - and the drinks poured out - here is a programme of Christmas music filled with the emotion of 'Midnight Mass', and a reminder of the scent of the twinkling Christmas tree and the crackling fireside. A programme filled with emotion and nostalgia, a programme for a quiet time, an evening by the fireside, filled with memories and hopes of Christmases past and present. Lovely music from major stars, choral works from superb choirs and solo voices raised in a gentle celebration of the Christmas season. From 'White Christmas' to 'Hark the herald angels', here is a programme of favourite pieces and tunes to set the mood for a peaceful celebration. The traditional sounds of the album will soothe away those Christmas cares - too much shopping, too much rushing, too many preparations - and remind us once again of what Christmas is really about. It's a time for families, for celebration in the darkest months of the year, a time of hope and reconciliation, a time to think things through, and find some calm and peace inside us. This music was made for this - gentle, memorable, easy-going, nostalgic, historic and more - and this lovely album will be a perfect companion to a mellow moment, when time can stand still briefly, and let us relax!


1.   Unforgettable  3:40
2.   Take Me Back To Toyland  1:52
3.   A House WIth Love In It  1:49
4.   Mr. Santa Claus  1:38
5.   A Handful Of Stars  3:24
6.   Jingle bells  2:10
7.   Till The End Of The Years  2:07
8.   Santa Claus Is Coming To Town  2:27
9.   A Beautiful Friendship  3:19
10.   Too Young  3:39
11.   Pick Yourself Up  1:33
12.   The Christmas Song  2:06