William Ackerman - Imaginary Roads (1988)

Album details

Label:     Ref#: newage-0005
Date: 1988   Category: newage
Length: 52:00    
Format: CD    
Audio: Stereo    
Genre: New Age    


Will Ackerman, founder of Windham Hill Records, is a Grammy® Award Winner and recipient of multiple Platinum and Gold Records. His "Imaginary Roads" is one of the acoustic guitarist's finest albums and the one where the new instruments Ackerman had been slowly adding to his sound through the '80s finally jelled with his distinctive playing. "Imaginary Roads" spent 25 weeks on the Billboard Top New Age Albums chart.


1.   The Moment  5:44
2.   A Region of Clouds  4:46
3.   If You Look  5:47
4.   Floyd's Ghost  6:20
5.   Wondering Again What's Behind the Eyes  5:46
6.   Dawn Treader  4:24
7.   Darrow's Barn  3:07
8.   Brother A Teaches 7  3:02
9.   Innocent Moon  3:41
10.   The Moment-Reprise  0:40
11.   If You Look-Version II  5:32
12.   Darrow's Barn-VersionII  3:05