Ross Traut/Steve Rodby - The Duo Life (1991)

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Label: Columbia    Ref#: ?-0272
Date: 1991   Category:  
Length: 0:00    
Format: MP3    
Audio: Stereo    
Genre: Jazz    


1.   People Make the World Go Round (Linda Creed/Thom Bell)  4:23
2.   Some Other Time (Adolph Green/Betty Comden/Leonard Bernstein)  5:55
3.   Don't Make Me Over (Burt Bacharach/David H.)  5:00
4.   Fall (W Shorter)  3:30
5.   Trout Stream (R. Traut)  4:42
6.   Music from Porgy and Bess (I Loves You Porgy/Bess, You Is My Woman) (DuBose Heyward/George Gershwin/Ira Gershwin)  11:07
7.   Downstream (R. Traut)  6:23
8.   Desert Air (Chick Corea)  5:02
9.   Three Wishes (Rodby S./Traut R.)  6:05
10.   It's Gonna Take a Miracle (Bob Weinstein/Stallman L./T. Randozzo)  5:41
11.   Ross Traut; Steve Rodby-02-Some Other Time  
12.   Ross Traut; Steve Rodby-03-Don't Make Me Over  
13.   Ross Traut; Steve Rodby-04-Fall  
14.   Ross Traut; Steve Rodby-05-Trout Stream  
15.   Ross Traut; Steve Rodby-06-Music from Porgy and Bess (I Loves You Porgy-Bess, You Is My Woman)  
16.   Ross Traut; Steve Rodby-07-Downstream  
17.   Ross Traut; Steve Rodby-08-Desert Air  
18.   Ross Traut; Steve Rodby-09-Three Wishes  
19.   Ross Traut; Steve Rodby-10-It's Gonna Take a Miracle