Gipsy Kings - Live (1992)

Album details

Label:     Ref#: misc-0005
Date: 1992   Category: misc
Length: 1:14:04    
Format: CD    
Audio: Stereo    
Genre: Latin    


To appreciate the Gipsy Kings, a live concert is almost a necessity. If the prospect of being surrounded by screaming, sweaty hordes is unnerving, here's a vicarious way to experience the ambiance of a Gipsy Kings performance at no risk to life and limb. A fiery version of "Bamboleo" is among the CD's standouts, as are "Djobi Djoba," "Trista Pena," "Sin Ella" (the studio version appeared on the soundtrack to Peter Weir's Fearless), and "Allegria." The singing Reyes brothers and their guitar-picking Baliardo cousins cast all caution to the wind and audibly demolish the audience's inhibitions. It's not background listening but is guaranteed to galvanize any party. --Christina Roden


1.   Intro  0:51
2.   Allegria  2:50
3.   La Dona  4:34
4.   El Mauro  5:05
5.   Bem Bem Maria  5:03
6.   Trista Pena  5:40
7.   Odeon  3:27
8.   Sin Ella  4:38
9.   Quiero Saber  4:37
10.   La Quiero  4:17
11.   Habla Me  5:43
12.   Galaxia  2:59
13.   Fandango  6:43
14.   Tu Quieres Volver  4:37
15.   Oh Maļ  3:49
16.   Djobi Djoba  3:38
17.   Bamboleo  5:26